Welcome to Bangladesh Naval Academy which is the home of all BN Officers. BNA is one of the prestigious Military Institutions of Bangladesh.




The purpose of conducting classes in academic subjects is to give a suitable background essential
for higher professional and academic studies. Since 1983, BNA started Bachelor of Science (B.Sc)
curriculum under the University of Chittagong. Since 1995, BNA was affiliated with National University, Gazipur, Dhaka. At present, BNA is affiliated with Bangladesh University of Professionals, Mirpur
Cantt, Mirpur. The syllabus and examination schedule is promulgated by BUP. BNA offers the same
facilities to the foreign cadets who undergo Cadet, Midshipman and Ag S Lt training in Bangladesh.

BNA is also affiliated with BUP for conducting BNS Degree for Qatar Navy and Coast Guard cadets those
who are undergoing training under a special package course.

Professional subjects groom up the officer cadets with the competence to be a professional naval
officer in future and discharge their duties efficiently. The professional subjects cover basics of
Navigation, Astro Navigation, Seamanship, Leadership, Operations and Warfare, Chart Work, Rules
of the Road, Engineering and NBCD etc.