• Survival Training at Kaptai Lake

  • Officer Cadets are in Seamanship Model Room

  • Firing at Shaheed Moazzam

  • Co-Curricular Activities

Instr Commander Jahangir Alam Khan, psc was commissioned in BN on 12 July 1992, in Education Branch. He completed his graduation and post graduation in English Literature from Jahangirnagar University. On completion of basic training, the officer served in all the training establishments of BN in various capacities (including BN School).  He completed Method of Instruction (MOI) course from Army School of Education and Admin in 1997, Teaching Methodology Course from British Council in 1999, Specialized English Language Course from Defence Language Institute (DLI), Texas, USA in 2007, Disaster Preparedness Operations Specialist Course (DPOS) from Army Chemical School, Missouri, USA in 2007 and Civil-Military Coordination Course (CIMIC) course under UN in 2009. The officer completed JSC with High Average grading in 2000 and successfully completed Staff College (DSC&SC) from DSC&SC Mirpur and is a proud Mirprian. He is married to Mirajunnahar Khan and is blessed with a son and a daughter. Presently he is serving as Director of Studies (DOS) of Bangladesh Naval Academy (BNA).


I Cdr M Jahangir Alam Khan, psc, BN