The total duration of training for officer cadets is four years where, pre-commissioned training consists of 03 years and post-commissioned training is of 01 year. Each of the years is again divided into two semesters and duration of each semester is six months. The major events of each semester are as follows:

First Semester

Initially, the officer cadets undergo Joint Military Training in Bangladesh Military Academy for 10 weeks with Army and Air Force cadets.

Second Semester

The officer cadets are sent to training ship for six weeks sea training to attain practical orientation on ship borne life

Third Semester

The whole semester, officer cadets stay in the academy. At this time, classes are conducted on the theoretical aspects of professional, leadership and academic subjects. In academy, the officer cadets undergo training in professional and academic subjects. Side by side, to instil leadership attributes, BNA conducts various activities like:

  •  New Entry Exercise for 1st term.
  •  Sea training onboard Training Frigate and other ships.
  •  Practical Leadership Exercise in BNS SHAHEED MOAZZAM.
  •  Small arms firing.
  •  Use of pyrotechnic.
  •  Sailing, pulling, rowing and power boat handling.
  •  Survival training.
  •  DCFF training in NBCD Simulator.
  •  Training in Bridge Simulator.
  •  Divisional Exercise in BNA and BNS SHAHEED MOAZZAM
  •  Traditional Mess Night, Guest Night and Gala Night.
  •  Industrial visits.
  •  Cultural Programme and Campfire.

Fourth Semester

On completion of third semester, the officer cadets join sea going training ship for six months. Finally, the officer cadets appear at Fleet seamanship Examination onboard and qualified are promoted to the rank of Midshipmen.

Fifth and Sixth Semester

Midshipmen of Executive and Supply branches undergo their basic courses named XOBC and SOBC respectively. Midshipmen of technical join technical universities/Institutes for bachelor degrees. After successful completion of sixth semester, the midshipmen are promoted to the rank of Acting Sub Lieutenant in Bangladesh Navy.

Seventh and Eighth Semester

These semesters are considered as post-commissioned training for 01 year which is only designed for Bridge Watch Keeping or higher professional education.