Male Accommodation

Male accommodations are divided into three tops following the tradition of ship’s main divisions, which are Fox’l, Maintop and Quarter Deck, The facilities kept therein meet the required living standard.





Female Accommodation

Female trainees are accommodated in the Gun Room in a separate wing. Separate recreation, washing and associated facilities are also kept there in the female wing.





Dining Hall

The dining hall is equipped and furnished to meet the dining requirement, formal Mess Night, Guest Night, banquette dinner and so on.





Recreation Room

Officer Cadets have separate recreation room. They can find all the needed entertainment and recreation facilities like music system, billiard table, TV, magazines and periodicals etc in the recreation room.




Blue Room

Family and friends are most welcome to visit the officer cadets on the scheduled Parents’ Day. To entertain the family and friends who come other than parent’s day may be used the Blue room and enchanting terrace on the roof top.





Day to day needs of the officer cadets are met by cafeteria located under the Gun Room.