JSC is designed to equip Lieutenant Commanders and Lieutenants with the basic staff skill for future staff, instructional and command appointments. The duration of this course is 12 weeks and conducted twice a year. Officers from sister services, para military forces and foreign countries are attending the course regularly. BN Officers are selected by the Naval Headquarters, whereas, selection of officers of sister services/ para military forces and foreign countries are done by respective Services Headquarters and countries respectively. The course package includes Service Writing, Research Technique, Public Speaking, Sea Power and Operations, Service Environment, Command, Leadership and Management, Naval Law etc. The broad objectives of JSC are to

  •  Enable effective communication both in oral and written form.
  •  Enable basic ability to process information, establish priority, resolve problems, make reasonably sound decisions and recommend a course of action.
  •  Develop basic understanding of the art of application of principles of leadership and management in practical scenario.
  •  Develop working knowledge of the Armed Forces of Bangladesh and the basic concept of the Joint Services Operations.
  •  Enhance working knowledge on organization, role and capacity of the Bangladesh Navy.
  •  Give an elementary understanding of the principles of maritime strategy, sea power and maritime warfare.
  •  Instil a basic knowledge of International law and Law of the Sea.
  •  Give an understanding of national and international affairs. 


On successful completion of the course officers are made capable to perform the following duties of: 


  • Junior Staff Officer (Grade II/III) of Area Commanders, Flag Officers and inter services organizations.
  • Instructor in BNA/ training schools.
  • Departmental Officer in Frigates and establishments.
  • Commanding Officer of FAC, Patrol Craft and similar vessels.


 The students are advised to have fair reading on following precis before joining the course. Overseas students will be provided with the precis on joining:

  • Notes on time management and study technique.
  • Notes on research technique.
  • Notes on problem solving.
  • Notes on effective writing.
  • Notes on public speaking.
  • Notes on effective speaking.
  • Maritime strategy tutorial.
  • Anti air warfare.
  • Anti submarine warfare.
  • The principles of war.
  • Notes on fishery protection.
  • Mine warfare.
  • Anti surface warfare.
  • Management time: Who's got the monkey?
  • Naval profession- is it really a profession?
  • Divisional officers hand book.