Keeping in mind the three fold focus points (character & leadership, professional training and academic training), we have developed our training infrastructures. Our academy has three main blocks viz Admin block, Academic block and Gun Room. The Administrative building houses Commandant's office, training office, administrative offices etc. The Academic building accommodates classes, library, simulator, model room, laboratory etc. Lastly, Gun Room is used for officer cadets' accommodation, dining and recreation purposes. BNA is self sufficient to meet her training. Yet, to get maximum dividends BNA avail the training facilities of other naval ships and bases whenever needed.


Coastal Defence Battery (CDB)

BNA has a CDB along her coast. The sea facing high calibre guns are not only to safeguard the harbour mouth, but also to train the cadets and gun crew in practical firing.





Language Lab

Power of expression is an essential quality to be a leader. Our language lab takes over that mammoth task to develop this oral attribute amongst the under trainees.





Computer Lab

BNA computer lab is self sufficient to educate the trainees in IT, data management etc. Besides, we are connected with the information highway through internet.





Seamanship Model Room

When books get you tired, Seamanship Model Room offers you a breathing space. We have mustered different models of ship borne items in this model room to give
a fair idea of what the cadets are going to handle tomorrow.




Seamanship Practical Room

Seamen cannot be produced over night. It needs an approach to learn things by doing which cannot be ignored. Hence, traditional bends and hitches, splicing, seizing
and various other seaman evolutions are done in BNA practical room.




Physics Laboratory

Academic subjects are paid adequate attention in BNA. That's why, BNA has equipped her physics lab with all sorts of facilities as required under university curriculum.





Chart Room

Fixing ship is the bread and butter for a navigator at sea. We, thereby, teach the A to Z of chart work to our cadets. Our Chart Room is well designed to train them up







A well setup library with good books, periodicals and internet facilities can be the warehouse of knowledge. We agree to that and accordingly have gathered required
books and associated facilities in our library. This equally serves all members of the academy ranging from cadets up to officers.





The chilled BNA auditorium facilitates debate competition, cultural program, guest speakers' lecture, symposium and different training curriculum.





Sailing Facilities

Boat activities in the northern lake is not merely a training scheme but also a sporting event. We during the boat activities teach our cadets a chance to feel
the ship.





Multi Gym

BNA multi gym offers good ways and means to build your physic.





Parade Ground

BNA parade ground gets glorified during the Passing out Parade. In other time, it remains ear-splitting because of marching of cadets and sometimes by the
voice of the GI's.





Indoor Sports complex

We inspire all to be sportsman to instil agility. We have multi gym, full fledged gymnasium for basketball, volleyball, badminton and athletics, squash cubicle,
and billiard room.





Firing Range

To facilitate small arms firing BNA trainees are sent to BNS BHATIARY, a nearby base and also to BNS SHAHEED MOAZZAM in the Chittagong Hill Tracts.